Top 5 ultimate speakers for your car

Looking for a new speaker for your car? Here are a few tips before we look into the top brands in the field.

  1. Understand how much power can the speakers handle and see that it is synced with the power generated by the stereo or not. Their compatibility is important for a good quality sound.
  2. Knowing the sensitivity ratings of the speakers in comparison to the power dynamics of the car stereo is recommended.

After you have done the ground work of knowing the above two basic requirements, let us focus into the top 5 ultimate car speakers giving us quality sound experience.

  1. JBL GTO. Claiming the highest sensitivity and power handling ratings, this set of speakers, is listed amongst the top speakers for your car stereo. They have excellent sound quality and have the best rear speakers in the market. These come in varying sizes, ranging from 3.5 inches to 6×9 inch.
  2. Pioneer A – Series. Pioneer speakers have a score of 97 percent in terms of quality. These have earned high sensitivity ratings and have the widest range frequency in the market.
  3. Infinity Reference X. With adjustable tweeters, these speakers come with good sensitivity and low impedance ratings. Although widely adopted as a popular choice, their only disadvantage is a low- end bass.
  4. Kenwood KFC. These speakers overcome the cons of Infinity Reference X with high sensitivity of the rear deck speakers, but lack in the power handling capability of the door speakers because of which they can’t handle heavy power load. They have a wide range of speaker designs to choose from.
  5. Polk db. It’s the excellent sound quality of these speakers that features it in the top available speakers in the market. With a continuous power handling of 125 watts, Polk db makes into highest continuous power handling speakers. It comes with one tweeter, but the woofer generates frequencies which work in harmony with diminished bass tones.

Apart from knowing the best speakers, correct stereo installation along with the car speaker installation is equally important. If you are not hiring a professional for your car audio installation, knowhow of certain factors is a must apart from being equipped with the required tools.

  1. Having knowledge of available and prescribed slots along with the installation procedure which can be learned from the manual.
  2. If you have not received a free wiring harness along with your audio system, procuring one is a recommended as it makes fitting the wiring easier.
  3. If you are not aware of the technical specifications of the wire of the already fitted with your old audio system, it is advisable to replace it with the new one as the old one might not support the new car speakers.

Since technical specifications and design of every vehicle are different, top quality car audio installation also varies, but is an easy job if you know your vehicle well.